Eco-Friendly Bulk Transport

When you need your supply of bio-fuel or machinery delivered to your development site, our reliable bulk transport services are perfect for your business. With Biomass Services & Transport LLC based in Tampa, Florida, you receive your shipment securely every time.

Transportation Services

Our professionals offer bulk transportation as well as flatbed service for a variety of retail outlets. We specialize in transport specific to environmental services, such as bio-fuel, mulch, or green waste. Our technicians also pick up the following materials:

• Bailed or Corrugated Materials
• Processed Bailed Recycled Commodities, including Fiber, Cardboard, & Sorted Office Paper
• Bailed Sorted Plastics

Heavy Equipment

Our services are performed with our 53-foot van trailer. For retail outlets, we pick up the materials ourselves, load the flatbed, and then transport it to the recycling facility for the buyer. We utilize a specialized variety of transport equipment, including:

• Dump Trailers
• Heavy Haul Containers
• Import & Export
• Walk–in Trailer for Bulk Material
   • Flatbed/Forklift
   • Oversize Load

Loading Dock - Bulk Transport

Import & Export Capabilities

Several of our drivers and staff are certified with their TWIC, or Transportation Worker Identification Credential. This gives us the ability to move export containers in and out of the port of Tampa. We own our own set of chassis to hold the containers, Currently, Biomass Services & Transport LLC has a contract with a Fortune 200 company to provide transport of materials from the processing facility to the Port of Tampa.

Contact us to ensure your biodegradable shipment arrives at the facility in a timely manner with our bulk transport services.